The expelled German Hostau people gather every two years for a reunion of the homeland district of Bischofteinitz in its adoption city of Furth im Wald (for the first time in 1948, and then from 1957 every two years). Since 1964 there were also reunions only for the Hostau people in every two years, at the beginning in Ulm from 1964 to 1976, and then from 1978 to 2010 in Dillingen on the Danube. In 1978 there was a celebration of 750 years of Hostau. In 1978 there was a reunion commemorating the erection of the parish in Hostau 600 years before. By October 12, 1987, the city council of the county seat Dillingen on the Danube adopted the expelled German citizens of Hostau with one accord. As an apparent symbol the lord mayor Hans-Jürgen Weigl handed over the record of adoption to the former administrator of Hostau Erich Fischer (term of office 1977-2004) on July 17, 1988. On that day there was also a blessing of the flag of Hostau in the Basilica of Saint Peter’s in Dillingen in remembrance of granting privileges of a town to Hostau 400 years before. In order to keep in touch to all former citizens of Hostau and their descendants the administrator of Hostau sends newsletters regularly.

Certificate of Donation
for exemplary adoption

During the difficult years after the World War II and the expulsion of Germans, the public spirit of those German counties, cities and communities have proved one’s worth not only by granting a new home to the expelled Sudeten-Germans and their descendants, but additionally by creating a new spiritual and cultural focus in their lives. The historic and all-German sense of responsibility in the face of our Sudeten-German fellow citizens was expressed by the

Adoption of the City of Dillingen on the Danube
to the members of the Sudeten-German ethnic group of
the Hometown Hostau in the Bohemian Forest.

We thank the representative people in power of both institutions and acknowledge all their efforts and hope that the vivid union will continue successfully to the future.

Munich, April 8, 2008

Dr. Günther Beckstein
Prime Minister of the Fee State of Bavaria
Patron of the Sudeten-German ethnic group

Bernd Posselt
Member of the European Parliament
Spokesman of the Sudeten-German ethnic group

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