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On behalf of the town council of the hometown of Hostau, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

We appreciate you visiting our website of Hostau, the town of our historical roots. For centuries our ancestors determined the religious and cultural fortune of the town. Ignoring human rights, the former Czechoslovakian state expelled all Sudeten Germans until 1946.

However, in a larger European community terms such as communication, tolerance and reconciliation should not just be empty words. It is our duty to make these words a reality, not only for those who lived in Hostau before, but also for the present inhabitants of Hostauň (CZ). With these pages we would like to make a contribution to tear down barriers and build new bridges.

Therefore, this website should remind us of the history of the Sudeten Germans in Bohemia and keep it vivid. The website, "hostau.org", may very well be the point of departure for many who are interested in the history of Hostau. There are of course various other avenues to explore for more information.

Any suggestions, criticism or new ideas are very welcome. Simply send us an email.

Yours sincerely in homeland solidarity,

Mag. Stefan Stippler
The Ortsbetreuer of the hometown HOSTAU
Email: OB@hostau.org


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