Excerpt from the diary of the Sudeten-German Homeland Association:

(Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft = SL)

Artikel VII

The town administrator is appointed by the administrator of the homeland district.

Artikel XI

1. The town administrator represents the homeland municipality to the “SL”, public authorities and third parties. He is responsible for a close co-operation of the homeland municipality to the homeland district. He is the intermediary between the compatriot and the “SL” in all affairs of the different homeland groups

2. The tasks of the town administrator are in particular: 
a) Establishing and maintaining of contacts to all members of the homeland municipality,
b) Recording of all members of the homeland municipality, 
c) Accumulating and registering of cultural values of the homeland municipality and their publication,
d) Creating a chronicle for the homeland municipality and all of its cultural, economical and social facilities,
e) Giving administrative assistance at authorities, providing information and answering inquiries of superior elements of the homeland district and the “SL”.

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