The head official of the City of Hostouň, Mgr. Vladimír Felix, is now in charge of the administration regarding the contracts of the surviving dependents of graveyards at the cemetery of Hostau. He points to the ending of the ten-year-term of lease of the German graves. He asks for messages to inform him if people are still interested to lease these old graves again. An agreement for a new contract is necessary. The conditions for the new contracts are as follows: “Validity from January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2024, ten years altogether. Due to the enactment of the 69th session of the city council of Hostouň, the charge for leasing is 7.00 CZK per 10 square feet per year. Addionally, there will be 100.00 CZK per each graveyard for the maintenance of the cemetery (expenses, service, repairs, water and garbage). So the total costs for one- single grave will be around 1,300.00 CZK for altogether ten years.

Contact details of Mgr Felix are:
Mgr. Vladimír Felix
c/o Městský úřad Hostouň
Dobrohostova 110
345 25 Hostouň
Phone +420-724-188109
Email: tajemnik@hostoun.cz

The very by historic aspects action is here essential. Tombstones of more than 100 years of age should be preserved due to monument preservation. They are stony witnesses of German history in Bohemia. They are German cultural goods as well. Yet, observing this from genealogical factors, these graveyards have a priceless value. Who knows the place of burial of his great-great-grandparents or even of his great-great-great-grandparents? And apart from that these graves still exist. That is fascinating.


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